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Joint HUJI & ETHZ Quantum Engineering Workshop (17.-18.11.2014)

Members of the Quantum Information Science Center of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) and members of the ETH Zurich Quantum Science and Technology community will meet on Monday and Tuesday November 17 and 18, 2014 at ETH Zurich to dicuss the potential for collaborations.


  Sunday, November 16


Arrival of participants from HUJI & individual dinner
  Monday, November 17 - Meeting at ETH Hoenggerberg
Public parts of the workshop are marked as (*public)
Coffee at ETH Hoenggerberg, HPF D12

Meeting at ETH Heonggerberg, HIT K51

Jürg Brunnschweiler: Introduction to the meeting

Andreas Wallraff: Presentation of the ETHZ Quantum Engineering Initiative
Nadav Katz: Presentation of the HUJI Quantum Information Science Center
10:30 Coffee

Three Selected Recent Quantum Engineering Research Highlights HUJI & ETHZ

  • 11:00 Christian Degen: Diamond based quantum sensing (*public)
  • 11:20 Nir Bar-Gill: Prospects for quantum coherence and thermodynamics with NV centers (*public)
  • 11:40 Jerome Faist: Optical frequencies combs and ultra-strong coupling (*public)
12:30 Joint lunch at ETH faculty lounge/Dozentenfoyer (location: ETH Centre, HG J-floor). Transportation to the ETH faculty lounge and back to the campus is organized
  Note: Overlap with visit of Lino Guzella to D-PHYS 13:00 - 18:00, Profs 13:00-13:40, Apero 16:30-18:00 Alumni Lounge

Three Selected Recent Quantum Engineering Research Highlights HUJI & ETHZ

  • 15:00 Ronen Rapaport: Overview of research directions in the nanophotonics of quantum structures lab: From interacting quantum fluids of excitons and polaritons to exciton-plasmon coupling in nano-antenna (*public)
  • 15:20 Jonathan Home: Quantum Information with trapped Ions (*public)
  • 15:40 Hadar Steinberg: Electronic transport in topological insulator devices (*public)
16:00 Discussion
16:30 Coffee
17:00 Indetification of joint research projects
18:00 Breakout sessions to define potential collaborations
20:00 Joint dinner at restaurant Olive Garden
  Tuesday, Nov. 18 - Meeting at ETH Hoenggerberg
Coffee at ETH Hoenggerberg, HPF D12
Lab tours at ETH Hoenggerberg
Joint lunch at Woka (location: ETH Hoenggerberg, HIT-building, first floor)

Meeting at ETH Hoenggerberg, HIT K52

Wrap up discussion

15:00 Individual discussions and lab tours as desired

Campus map and travel information

The different locatians of the meeting at ETH Hoenggerberg (HPF D12, HIT K51 and HIT K52) are shown on this map (PDF, 838 KB). (PDF, 838 KB)

Information on how to get to ETH Hoenggerberg by public transport or car can be found on the ETH campus website

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